Apparently, cherry trees in Yokohama were tricked into blooming in October! 🌸

Irregular cherry blossoms in autumn made big news back in Greece. My mom kept sending me articles about it, but I hadn’t witnessed anything like this in Tokyo. Alas, I was wrong! I was lucky enough to get to see the autumn blossoms in a tree near the campus entrance today. The experts say that the rare phenomenon is due to unusually high temperatures and the weather chaos that the recent typhoons left behind them, triggering certain chemical reactions in the blossoming mechanism. It is saddening that the poor tree not only was tricked into blooming, but also will be unable to bloom normally again in spring. However, does this instance count as a hanami-induced binge-drinking opportunity? For sure, it does!

Read about past (and future) blossoming seasons

Kahlua Matcha and Sakura cherry coffee

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This year’s Hanami – Kinuta Park

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