Hiking in the dawn at Bali: Mt. Batur

[Visited on August 2019, Greek version follows] The island of Bali, Indonesia is home to a couple of very active volcanoes, among which Mt. Batur (Gunung Batur) stands as the second tallest. At the foot of the mountain lies a wide lake, a byproduct of a past violent explosion together with a caldera. The pathContinue reading “Hiking in the dawn at Bali: Mt. Batur”

Hong Kong in four acts

Hong Kong IS the definition of multiculture. Located on a convenient location for sea trade, it thrived as a British colony and as financial metropolis in the recent years. Although tiny, everyone is on it. The culture of Hong Kong is a weird mixture of British post-colonialism, strong Cantonese influences and the increasing addition ofContinue reading “Hong Kong in four acts”

10 days in Thailand (Part II)

Part I of travelling in Thailand (about Bangkok and Ayutthaya) is here. Elephants are must-see in Thailand, aren’t they? Thai people adore elephants, so they put everywhere statues or drawings of elephants, called Chang in the local language (like the popular Chang beer). But how can one spend time with elephants responsibly? I chose toContinue reading “10 days in Thailand (Part II)”

10 days in Thailand (Part I)

If you are a casual traveller who has explored the US or Europe and now is looking to expand their horizons in Asia, then Thailand is the obvious choice. Located in the middle of Southeast Asia, it can be either a standalone destination or the start of a multi-country trip. I’ll be honest. My expectationContinue reading “10 days in Thailand (Part I)”

Haedong Yonggung Temple (해동 용궁사 or 海東龍宮寺)

[Full size] A sign in the entrance describes it as “The most beautiful temple in Korea”. While the Korean variation of Buddhism is deep rooted in mountain worship, this “temple of the dragon of the east sea” proves that the marine scenery can be equally spiritual. Further proof: More content searchable with the tag #instead ofContinue reading “Haedong Yonggung Temple (해동 용궁사 or 海東龍宮寺)”