The obvious contrasts

I’ve spent a wonderful 3-week long spring break in Greece and now I am back in Japan to continue my daily routine. At the time of both arriving to Greece and returning to Japan, the contrast hit me – HARD. As I leave Japan, everything is smooth as usual; trains on time, smiling airport employees,Continue reading “The obvious contrasts”

Cycladic art museum

I am too busy to add captions, but I encourage you to enjoy some exhibits from the Cycladic Art Museum in Athens. There are 4 floors with different themes (Cyclades, ancient Greece, Cyprus, everyday life in ancient Athens). Currently, there is a special  exhibition about Cyclades in the ground floor, which explains how and why theContinue reading “Cycladic art museum”

Sea + Burritos + Vespa

It’s about time to introduce my hometown, Astros, located in Arcadia, GR. A small town near the sea (approx. 2.5k people), close to the capital and ideal for summer. A port, beaches of infinite length, mountains, a lake, a castle, a lighthouse, are these not enough to convince you to come? Here, enjoy an early-springContinue reading “Sea + Burritos + Vespa”

Scarabs & Bitter oranges (A weekend in Patras)

January has not been an easy month for me. February all the same.  I needed a break and had to see the waves in order to somewhat calm down. Patras is and always has been an excellent choice for mood-making. (Though I couldn’t eat, which was hard, considering I had to avoid temptations for 2Continue reading “Scarabs & Bitter oranges (A weekend in Patras)”