Searching for the Truth; Philosophy in Islam

If one could roam around 9th century Baghdad, one could hear a phrase that would bring a headache to many present-day devoted Muslims. “The ink of a scholar is more important than the blood of a martyr”. How come those words derived from the collective memory of the prophet’s teachings fell out of prominence in the years to come and when did seeking the truth though philosophy became irrelevant?

Health, Fun, Happiness vs. Keeping tabs

Αιτώ δ’ υγείαν πρώτον, είτ’ ευπραξίαν. Τρίτον δε χαίρειν, είτ’ οφείλειν μηδενί. –Φιλήμων “Firstly I want health, second to have fun, third to be happy, fourth to owe to no one ” , ancient Greek comedy poet Philemon said. Happiness is more important than money.  We do all, but have some disturbances with the latter.Continue reading “Health, Fun, Happiness vs. Keeping tabs”

Well, there is a reason for chocolate

Chocolate is good, and so are comics. Anonymous There are times that I am tired, anxious, frustrated – a thirsty vampire in short (sth like–>>>) – so much, that I desperately ask for a miracle to happen and help me pull myself together. Because I can’t. Can’t do it. Nope. Come and pull me, IContinue reading “Well, there is a reason for chocolate”

Persian gulf

Πολύ θα ήθελα να πάω στον περσικό κόλπο .. Η απεραντοσύνη του ινδικού ωκεανού συναντά την κοιτίδα του ανθρώπινου πολιτισμού και το φως είναι άπλετο.. Κρίμα που αυτή η περιοχή δεν πρόκειται να ησυχάσει σύντομα από πολέμους και αναταραχές…