Instead of Insta Vol.1

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Haedong Yonggung Temple (해동 용궁사 or 海東龍宮寺)
Mini buses swarming in Mongkok, Hong Kong
Indonesian puppet doll
Back when the houses used to be petite but classy
Tokyo tower standing guard next to zojoji temple, Tokyo, Japan
It may be a humble slot machine shop (pachinko) but owns a mini statue of liberty
Tall buildings intimidate me
A church with only a door and no interior, Macau, China
Colorful houses in Meissen, Germany
A row of pine trees, Doha, Qatar
“Please, kind Leaf, protect me from sunburns!”, Athens, Greece
The view behind the train rails, Monastiraki, Athens, Greece
Climbing mount Fuji, Japan
The inside structure of mini sea organisms, Jeju, Korea
“I am a mighty god and I shall protect you”, Leipzig, Germany
Pink. Patisia, Athens, Greece
Reflections on the Opera, Dresden, Germany
Arashiyama bamboo forest, Japan
Our private beach, Alonnisos, Greece
Tako statue, Mt. Takao, Japan
“Put your mask on”, aftermath of Patra Carnival, Patras, Greece
Daily commute never changes, Tokyo, Japan
Germany from above. Notice the tidy structures.
Shinagawa port with a view towards the Rinkai line, Tokyo, Japan
To the Fushimi inari temple, Kyoto, Japan
fish market, Joetsu, Japan
My original home. Astros, Greece
My second home. Tokyo, Japan
Wood gives form
16 days till Xmas, Germany
First swim
Patissia, Greece
Izu forests, Japan
Tai O village, Hong Kong
Just another gravestone, Prague, Czech republic
Holy sake, Japan
Leipzig, Germany
Love hotel, Shibuya, Tokyo
Corn crops, Okinawa, Japan
Autumn deco, near Euinos river, Greece
Tanabata festival, Japan
Museum of communism is located next to a casino, Prague, Czech republic
Fishing Boats, Greece
Cheongjeong falls (2nd), Jeju island, Korea
The uni, Athens, Greece
Why don’t you call me on my cellphone
Like a goldroom album cover, Izu, Japan
Alonnisos island, Greece
Time stopped in Madarake, Shibuya, Japan
King Kong, Shimokitazawa, Japan
Athens, Greece
Rex, Athens, Greece
Syntagma, Athens, Greece
The well of the mothers, Tokyo, Japan
Mt. Parnon, Greece
Byzantine museum, Greece
The Acrocorinth, Corinth, Greece
My adventures
Bubbles, Prague, Czech republic

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