Instead of Insta Vol.3

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Kiyomizudera, Kyoto, Japan
Hong Kong University (HKUST) view
Handrian’s Gate at rush hour, Athens, Greece
Christmas market, Prague, Czech republic
The golden pavilion stands out, Kyoto, Japan
Takoyaki stall, Tokyo, Japan
The female divers of Jeju island having lunch, Jeju, South Korea
Sleetherin, Japan
Hunger. Climbing Mt. Fuji, Japan
Family hanabi (fireworks) marks the start of the summer, Chiba, Japan
Yokohama chinatown
Mini Venice, Jiyuugaoka, Japan
Temple in Arashiyama,Japan
A spiky church roof, Prague, Czech Republic
Fish your love fortune, Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan
Morito beach, Japan
Mount Parnon, Greece
Odaiba like New York, Tokyo, Japan
Do they have elephants in Giblartar? Maybe they came from India.
Your fortune will be bad is you are a 19yo girl
Pharmacy advertisment
Late Hanami, Tokyo, Japan
All the timers in the world, can’t arrange some free time for me.
This water spirit will guide you through your hike on Izu mountains, Izu, Japan
When your fortune is bad, just wrap it on a thin rope.

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