The obvious contrasts

I’ve spent a wonderful 3-week long spring break in Greece and now I am back in Japan to continue my daily routine. At the time of both arriving to Greece and returning to Japan, the contrast hit me – HARD. As I leave Japan, everything is smooth as usual; trains on time, smiling airport employees,Continue reading “The obvious contrasts”

State the obvious: urbanization kills gardens

This is my hometown, a thriving seaside resort destination. How beautiful the vegetable gardens used to be! The landscape was much sparser and only a limited number of houses stood there. At least, the two main roads and the red-tiled rooftops remain the same. [source: FB @george.papamitros – θυρεατις γη (βορεια κυνουρια – αρκαδιας)]  

Greeks in Ueno – Καββαδίας στο Ουένο

[Greek text] Πας και χαζεύεις τις ευχές στο ναό στο Ουένο [τοπ τουριστική γειτονιά] και ωπ, σκάει το ποζέρικο καλλιτεχνικό ποίημα του Κυριάκου. Kudos στο ζεύγος που ταξίδεψε μέχρι ‘δω πέρα, αλλά τι ζητάνε, δε θα καταλάβω ποτέ.  *εθνική υπερηφάνεια* (άμα είσαι στην άπω ανατολή, ε δε θα σκεφτείς ότι μπαρκάρεις σαν τον καββαδία?) [EnglishContinue reading “Greeks in Ueno – Καββαδίας στο Ουένο”

Killer moves

I was studying Japanese kanji today, and I learnt some interesting words. 即戦力 (そくせんりょく) Noun 1. ready fire-power; battle-ready forces; immediate asset (to a team or firm); someone who can be an immediately effective player or worker​ *Business term, Sports term* 必殺技 (ひっさつわざ) Noun 1. killer technique; surefire assassination method 2. special or lethal move,Continue reading “Killer moves”

Greece vs Japan: LIVE Concerts

Recently, I had the chance to visit two rock music concerts in Japan. Of course, I’ve been to other concerts before, but it was always the case of big opera hall kind of concerts until now (e.g. NHK Hall or Tokyo National Opera). Opera or classical concerts feel the same worldwide, the singer’s and orchestra’sContinue reading “Greece vs Japan: LIVE Concerts”


[Greek text] Επιτέλους! Ευχαριστώ για τα μελομακάρονα ρε μάνα!Αν και μόνο 5 έφτασαν αρτιμελή, τα υπόλοιπα θα τα φάω με το κουτάλι. Μαζί έφτασαν αμυγδαλωτά και καρύδια. **Το μπουκάλι κοκα κόλας δεν περιέχει νερό.** [English text] Finally, my mom’s parcel with homemade Christmas sweets arrived (late and with 5/10 surviving ‘melomakarona’). **The coca cola bottleContinue reading “Melomakarona”