Chureito Pagoda

Visited in November 2019 Here is a view from Chureito(忠霊塔) Pagoda in Fujiyoshida (富士吉田) , a city in Yamanashi prefecture, sitting on the foot of Mt. Fuji. The city of Yoshida is the starting point of the most popular trail to the top of Mt. Fuji. Observing Japan’s tallest mountain from its north side, ChureitoContinue reading “Chureito Pagoda”

Exploring Miura Coast

We had an amazing plan for our Sunday trip. And then this catastrophic downpour happened. It is rainy season after-all. Our plan was shuttered and we decided to go somewhere where the weather report said we could avoid the afternoon rain. So we decided to go down all the way to the edge of TokyoContinue reading “Exploring Miura Coast”

Places I’ve Been: Bastei (Rathen, Germany)

Highly recommended if you are around Dresden or east Germany. Bastei is a rock formation complex in Sächsische Schweiz (Saxon Switzerland). Tall, slender rocks stand in the middle of a lush forest towering above river Elbe. One can stroll among the tops of the naturally formed rocks and also cross the two-hundred year old BasteiContinue reading “Places I’ve Been: Bastei (Rathen, Germany)”

After-March Aftermath

Part 1 — Match the same March is a total weirdo in Greece. It can rain under bright sun and freeze you to death in the afternoon after a warm morning. That’s why a traditional proverb describes March with nothing but merciless, gruesome adjectives e.g. scalper and fire-starter. The winter has not backed down yet,Continue reading “After-March Aftermath”