Tips about hiking in Japan

As every Japanese person is surely going to inform you, ‘Japan has four seasons and the most amazing nature’. Therefore, the most popular outdoors hobby of the locals is mountain hiking, aptly called just ‘haikingu’ or ‘yama nobori’ (山登り) in Japanese. People of all ages go hiking the endless mountain ranges of the countryside. JapanContinue reading “Tips about hiking in Japan”

Roadtrip to Hokkaido: The stinky valley (Pt. 3)

A surprise to no one, it seems like Hokkaido’s north is pretty cold, even when judging from spring’s average weather. That’s why, it is time to head to the south, where belated hanami blossoming (compared to the rest of the country) awaits. The first stop is Noboribetsu (登別), which with your new-found Ainu vocabulary skillsContinue reading “Roadtrip to Hokkaido: The stinky valley (Pt. 3)”

A hidden gem: Koburi Pass

There is only one hiking path in Kanto that I have visited more than 3 times until now; Koburi pass (顔ぶり峠). It is a well hidden path in Saitama prefecture, starting from Agano station of JR Seibu Chichibu line and is part of the Ogose hiking routes. Compared to other hiking routes, this one isContinue reading “A hidden gem: Koburi Pass”