Day hike from Tokyo: Unazawa and the many waterfalls

Last time, I told you about the only top-100 waterfall of Tokyo. However, the Okutama area is abundant with myriads of smaller waterfalls to enjoy throughout the year. You’ll find the majority of falls concentrated around the Unazawa area, deep in Tokyo’s west.

Things you find in Japanese countryside (Hint: Spirits)

As you maybe already know, the Japanese people worship a weird mixture of shamanistic Shinto as well as Buddhist gods. Along with the dozens of gods with large names and long titles usually ending in -kami (神) or -mikoto(尊) (like Amaterasu Omikami or  Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto), there are myriads lesser spirits. Japan has a lot of water.Continue reading “Things you find in Japanese countryside (Hint: Spirits)”