Shrine stamps: The origin of stamp rally?

The most popular hobby of the Japanese people, apart from creating mascots for everything, is to participate in stamp rallies. No matter the prize or the theme, the stamp collecting scene is huge. Even train stations have their own commemorative stamp, sometimes changing depending on the year’s events or the season. But what is theContinue reading “Shrine stamps: The origin of stamp rally?”

Japan x Vending Machines

If you ever find yourself thirsty, in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, in the wilderness, chances are that there would be a vending machine nearby. Vending machines (自動販売機ー自動機) are immediately accessible almost anywhere in Japan. Around the block of my apartment building, I have counted at least 5 vending machinesContinue reading “Japan x Vending Machines”

Sugidama for Sake

Sugidama (杉玉) [lit. cedar ball] is a big sphere made out of japanese cedar, which is usually hang from the eaves of the entrance of a sake brewery. The brewers order and put it up, in order to show that freshly-brewed sake is available for sale. As time passes, the ball’s color changes from greenContinue reading “Sugidama for Sake”