State the obvious: urbanization kills gardens

This is my hometown, a thriving seaside resort destination. How beautiful the vegetable gardens used to be! The landscape was much sparser and only a limited number of houses stood there. At least, the two main roads and the red-tiled rooftops remain the same. [source: FB @george.papamitros – θυρεατις γη (βορεια κυνουρια – αρκαδιας)]  

Sea + Burritos + Vespa

It’s about time to introduce my hometown, Astros, located in Arcadia, GR. A small town near the sea (approx. 2.5k people), close to the capital and ideal for summer. A port, beaches of infinite length, mountains, a lake, a castle, a lighthouse, are these not enough to convince you to come? Here, enjoy an early-springContinue reading “Sea + Burritos + Vespa”