Year in Review 2020 a.k.a. how I lived through covid19 in Japan

[Feature photo: Robo-dinosaurs serving as receptionists in Henna hotel in Osaka] I still remember the day that people around me in Tokyo started feeling anxious about the then new covid19. All eyes were set on Asia and Europe was still quiet. On the 25th of February we were preparing to set off for a tripContinue reading “Year in Review 2020 a.k.a. how I lived through covid19 in Japan”

Tokyo: A house in the city

The other day, I asked a girl why balconies and doorsteps in Tokyo do not have any kind of illumination source most of the time. She responded that the basic concept is that you are out at work the whole day and when you return you draw the curtains, turn off the lights and stayContinue reading “Tokyo: A house in the city”

Hiring paperwork highlights in Japan

Recently, I had to be re-hired from a Japanese company i have been working with as a part-timer for three years. All this time, my employment was handled stress-free through a dispatch company – for a hefty amount from the employer’s side. Apparently, in Japan there is regulation mandating that one is not allowed toContinue reading “Hiring paperwork highlights in Japan”

Should I go study in Japan?

Usually, people decide to pursue graduate studies in another university or even another country rather than the one that they obtained their bachelor degree from. For many, Japan seems like an ideal choice; an opportunity to live in the orient without the pressure of work. Especially now that European institutions are highly competitive and withContinue reading “Should I go study in Japan?”