Cycladic art museum

I am too busy to add captions, but I encourage you to enjoy some exhibits from the Cycladic Art Museum in Athens. There are 4 floors with different themes (Cyclades, ancient Greece, Cyprus, everyday life in ancient Athens). Currently, there is a special  exhibition about Cyclades in the ground floor, which explains how and why theContinue reading “Cycladic art museum”

May I borrow this horsehead ? a.k.a. This Week’s Stuck Songs (Week 10)

FIRST THINGS FIRST. K-pop is the remedy. Well, it’s been a fun week . I went to the ‘cool as a princess, pink as lemonade‘ party of prigipo. It was maaaaaaaaaaaagical! Sweet music, sweet coffee, sweet cupcakes. And of course jewellery in every corner – I couldn’t rest my eyes! Homemade tea and homemade teaContinue reading “May I borrow this horsehead ? a.k.a. This Week’s Stuck Songs (Week 10)”

Comicdom con athens 2016

Well, in the past week I was a volunteer in Comicdom con Athens. I used to visit the con every year since I moved to Athens, but I wanted to take part in it. I’ve never volunteered in such an event before. My only previous experience was some small scale school or village volunteering, thereforeContinue reading “Comicdom con athens 2016”