May I borrow this horsehead ? a.k.a. This Week’s Stuck Songs (Week 10)

FIRST THINGS FIRST. K-pop is the remedy.

Well, it’s been a fun week .

  1. I went to the ‘cool as a princess, pink as lemonade‘ party of prigipo. It was maaaaaaaaaaaagical! Sweet music, sweet coffee, sweet cupcakes. And of course jewellery in every corner – I couldn’t rest my eyes!
  2. Homemade tea and homemade tea biscuits! (winter is all about HOT STUFF)
  3. Full moon —-> I caught a cold —> Predictable, since I was standing  on the rooftop with my pijamas in order to admire the view.
  4. Kanji can be fun sometimes !  

PS. I almost forgot the purpose of the post!

Cocoon – Tell me 

Sundayman – Alive

Mome – Playground 


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