2022 recap: the posts you enjoyed most

Since the year is finally coming to an end, I prepared a list of the most viewed articles in 2022. For me, it has been a year of insane mood swings and unfathomable changes. In between all of the stress of the PhD and covid, I somehow managed to visit half of Japan. Thank you for being here with me all this time. I hope that the blog posts made you feel like you were a companion to my excursions, that you saw everything as is, with its good and bad side.

Οδηγίες προς ναυτιλλομένους: Οδύσσεια στη χώρα του ανατέλλοντος ηλίου

“Το καλοκαιράκι, στην ακρογιαλιά” κλπ, το ξέρετε το τραγούδι και το καλοκαίρι είναι γνωστό τοις πάσι ως η καλύτερη εποχή της Ελλάδας και η χειρότερη της Ιαπωνίας. Μετά από δύο χρόνια μακρυά από οικογένεια και φίλους, όντας εμβολιασμένη στην Ιαπωνία, αποφάσισα να κάνω το μεγάλο ταξίδι της επιστροφής. Λίγο γραφειοκρατία, δύο covid test, με ταContinue reading “Οδηγίες προς ναυτιλλομένους: Οδύσσεια στη χώρα του ανατέλλοντος ηλίου”

Should I go study in Japan?

Usually, people decide to pursue graduate studies in another university or even another country rather than the one that they obtained their bachelor degree from. For many, Japan seems like an ideal choice; an opportunity to live in the orient without the pressure of work. Especially now that European institutions are highly competitive and withContinue reading “Should I go study in Japan?”

Bye Bye Shuri-jo

Shurijo – castle Shuri – on the main island of Okinawa, has an architecture which combines both Chinese and Japanese elements, as a unique sample of the style of Ryukyu Kingdom. The gate Shureimon is an important landmark, depicted on the rare 2000 yen banknote. I visited Naha and Shurijo during a trip to OkinawaContinue reading “Bye Bye Shuri-jo”

Today’s purchase: 2 beauty products made in Japan

Today I was in an especially bad mood, so I decided to walk around aimlesly in order to calm down. Then I thought it’s a nice opportunity to lift my mood by buing shoes. But as expected, the whole shoes area in the mall I visited was shut down for renovetion, cause my bad luckContinue reading “Today’s purchase: 2 beauty products made in Japan”