2022 recap: the posts you enjoyed most

Since the year is finally coming to an end, I prepared a list of the most viewed articles in 2022. For me, it has been a year of insane mood swings and unfathomable changes. In between all of the stress of the PhD and covid, I somehow managed to visit half of Japan. Thank you for being here with me all this time. I hope that the blog posts made you feel like you were a companion to my excursions, that you saw everything as is, with its good and bad side.

Admiral Fitzroy’s “Storm Glass”

This tool is called Admiral Fitzroy’s Storm Glass. During the 19th century Charles Darwin, among others, was using it to predict weather conditions on board of a ship. Prediction is based on the formation of the crystals contained in the water. Clear water with crystals submerged to the bottom predicts clear weather, whereas crystals floatingContinue reading “Admiral Fitzroy’s “Storm Glass””

A tale of an irregular juice package

There is a steady hype about delicacies in Japanese convenient stores. My discovery this week was not a sweet, but a juice in rather peculiar packaging. Meet “tropical straight 100”. Ignoring my initial reaction (that was something along the lines of “are they selling prepackaged blood serum for vampires now?“), this is actually a juiceContinue reading “A tale of an irregular juice package”

Bontan Candy (ボンタンアメ)

Lately, I came across a strange citrus flavoured candy with an interesting twist, as expected from japanese sweets. Bontan candy is a mochi-chewy style square candy with pomelo and mandarin flavour. The candy comes in a small paper box and each candy piece is covered with transparent wrap. However hard you try to unwrap theContinue reading “Bontan Candy (ボンタンアメ)”