Info Bites: Ama

[GR] Ήταν μια δουλειά που οι γυναίκες την έκαναν καλύτερα, οπότε την ανέλαβαν ολοκληρωτικά και έστησαν τις κοινωνίες τους γύρω απ’ αυτήν. [EN] There’s a job that women do better, thus took it upon themselves to perform and built their communities accordingly.

Mie: The land of Amaterasu

The more developed a country’s economy becomes, the fancier the part-time jobs become. In Japan, foreign students can gain some easy pocket money by working as “tour testers” or participating in モニターツアー (monitor tours) as it is called. Basically, you travel, stay, eat, enjoy for free and they pay you a day wage on top.Continue reading “Mie: The land of Amaterasu”