Being lazy in Yokohama: Shiseido S/Park Museum

If you ever find yourself walking around Shin-Takashima station in Yokohama, you will probably notice a tall building with a delicate “Shiseido” sign. Shiseido ( 資生堂 ) is the biggest cosmetics brand in Japan, with a powerful presence worldwide. Its products radiate Japanese aesthetic, vibrate classiness, while boasting the most high-quality ingredients. Well, it turnsContinue reading “Being lazy in Yokohama: Shiseido S/Park Museum”

Cycladic art museum

I am too busy to add captions, but I encourage you to enjoy some exhibits from the Cycladic Art Museum in Athens. There are 4 floors with different themes (Cyclades, ancient Greece, Cyprus, everyday life in ancient Athens). Currently, there is a special  exhibition about Cyclades in the ground floor, which explains how and why theContinue reading “Cycladic art museum”