City life: Harajuku & Togo Shrine

Harajuku fashion is always prominent in fashion magazines and videos about underground cultures. Plastic romantic, gothic lolita or glam rock, all styles have representative shops in Harajuku’s tiny alleys. The shops are mostly tiny, hidden away in basements at Takeshita street. As you move towards Urahara and Omotesando, the space opens up and stores getContinue reading “City life: Harajuku & Togo Shrine”

Photolog: A day at Oedo Market

It is a well known fact that Japan is a country of old people. It is also relatively known that Japanese tend to show love and respect towards their possessions, and they don’t like to throw things away, especially if these items are kimono or traditional decorations. These two phenomena combined create the perfect environmentContinue reading “Photolog: A day at Oedo Market”

Downtown Tokyo: Hibiya area

The other day, we had to run some errands in the city center, so we decided to head towards the Diet building on the way. Surprisingly, after 4 years in Japan I still haven’t been to the location where all important national decisions are taken. Contrary to the Greek parliamentary building in Athens, which isContinue reading “Downtown Tokyo: Hibiya area”