Day trip from Tokyo: Miura Riviera

Today, we hop on the red train and go all the way to Miura, the gateway to Tokyo Bay. Miura city used to be the background in many movies from the Showa era. It flourished as a tourist resort, owing to its beautiful seashore and fresh produce. Now, it looks like it used to beContinue reading “Day trip from Tokyo: Miura Riviera”

Exploring Miura Coast

We had an amazing plan for our Sunday trip. And then this catastrophic downpour happened. It is rainy season after-all. Our plan was shuttered and we decided to go somewhere where the weather report said we could avoid the afternoon rain. So we decided to go down all the way to the edge of TokyoContinue reading “Exploring Miura Coast”

Sea + Burritos + Vespa

It’s about time to introduce my hometown, Astros, located in Arcadia, GR. A small town near the sea (approx. 2.5k people), close to the capital and ideal for summer. A port, beaches of infinite length, mountains, a lake, a castle, a lighthouse, are these not enough to convince you to come? Here, enjoy an early-springContinue reading “Sea + Burritos + Vespa”

Scarabs & Bitter oranges (A weekend in Patras)

January has not been an easy month for me. February all the same.  I needed a break and had to see the waves in order to somewhat calm down. Patras is and always has been an excellent choice for mood-making. (Though I couldn’t eat, which was hard, considering I had to avoid temptations for 2Continue reading “Scarabs & Bitter oranges (A weekend in Patras)”