Day trip from Tokyo: Miura Riviera

Today, we hop on the red train and go all the way to Miura, the gateway to Tokyo Bay. Miura city used to be the background in many movies from the Showa era. It flourished as a tourist resort, owing to its beautiful seashore and fresh produce. Now, it looks like it used to beContinue reading “Day trip from Tokyo: Miura Riviera”

Day trip from Tokyo: Sarushima island

Today we will talk about Sarushima, an “Uninhabited island in Tokyo Bay”. As the name hints, no people live on the island, and no monkeys (Saru-shima means monkey island) for that fact. The area of the island is approximately 55.000 km, equivalent to 4 times the area of Yokohama stadium, while the maximum altitude is 40Continue reading “Day trip from Tokyo: Sarushima island”

A day in Yokosuka: Let’s head to Kanagawa’s Hollywood

Two weeks ago, the day of Setsubun (Feb. 3rd) marked officially the start of spring. Since then, more and more trees are blossoming up. Today’s focus is on Ume (梅), the early bird blossoms of the Japanese plum. Most people are familiar with blossoming Sakura, the Japanese cherries, but in my opinion, Ume are superior,Continue reading “A day in Yokosuka: Let’s head to Kanagawa’s Hollywood”

Kira kira Enoshima

Hey there, I know I said we will talk about Kanazawa, but let’s talk about bling real quick. When someone visits Tokyo, the obvious recommendation is to go further down in Kanagawa and walk around the many temples of Kamakura. Don’t get me wrong, Kamakura is pretty and has its own history, being the seatContinue reading “Kira kira Enoshima”

Chureito Pagoda

Visited in November 2019 Here is a view from Chureito(忠霊塔) Pagoda in Fujiyoshida (富士吉田) , a city in Yamanashi prefecture, sitting on the foot of Mt. Fuji. The city of Yoshida is the starting point of the most popular trail to the top of Mt. Fuji. Observing Japan’s tallest mountain from its north side, ChureitoContinue reading “Chureito Pagoda”

Exploring Miura Coast

We had an amazing plan for our Sunday trip. And then this catastrophic downpour happened. It is rainy season after-all. Our plan was shuttered and we decided to go somewhere where the weather report said we could avoid the afternoon rain. So we decided to go down all the way to the edge of TokyoContinue reading “Exploring Miura Coast”