A quiet koyo season at the University of Tokyo

The most characteristic color of November is the crimson red of Momiji (Maple) leaves. The second most characteristic is the yellow of Iccho (Ginkgo) leaves. In all honesty, the vivid golden color of lush branches around this time of the years, is more impressionable in contrast to the remaining greenery or the blue sky. OhContinue reading “A quiet koyo season at the University of Tokyo”

Souvenir from Hong Kong: Unboxing HKUST memorabilia

[Random images from HKUST follow.] When I was in Hong Kong, I spent a lot of time in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), either chilling at the library terrace or attending random aeronautical engineering-related courses. At the entrance of the campus, there was a cute little shop with items and gifts relatedContinue reading “Souvenir from Hong Kong: Unboxing HKUST memorabilia”