Souvenir from Hong Kong: Unboxing HKUST memorabilia

[Random images from HKUST follow.]

When I was in Hong Kong, I spent a lot of time in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), either chilling at the library terrace or attending random aeronautical engineering-related courses. At the entrance of the campus, there was a cute little shop with items and gifts related to the university. Here’s what I bought: a pop-up card and bookmark . Especially, the paragraph note accompanying the greeting card was written in such a way that everyone would be jealous to visit or be accepted in such a prestigious university.  We’ve got some serious student-hunting tactic, right there!


Here are some random pictures from HKUST to enjoy. The campus is small and cramped on the edge of a cliff, but the sea view is breathtaking. The buildings have names of the benefactors who paid for their construction, and guess whose is the biggest one: the jockey club. Horse racing is an always hot topic in Hong Kong. Moreover, on one of the days that I visited, the ‘HKUST idol’ was taking place, which included several talented performances, though overall was boring (nowadays talent show standards are so high!)

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