A game weekend is a fun weekend

I went to gaming festival and the devs gave me jam. ACTUAL GAME JAM.

flavour: tutti frutti

Well, I visited the 3rd Digital Universe festival and I had a great time! It was a bit small and only a small crowd had gathered (though it was only the first day, tomorrow will be better), but there were many games to play and many people to chat about common interests. Be sure to pay a visit and pay attention to my friends at glow games studio! I also adored the guys at the booth next to my D&R! They had a funny silly game with a frog hanging with its tongue around flowers and spinning around them, I couldn’t stop playing. Another guy suggested they fill the game with concealed irony (e.g. deserted desert) and they immediately started a pun&reference joke rage. Damn, they had some skills at such jokes. 

And of course retro games are cool, and so is retro wave. What? Never heard of it? IT IS THE FUTURE! I suggest the youtube channels NewRetroWave and The 80’s Guy.

  • Lorn – Sega Sunset 

  • Kn1gt – OSAKA



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