This week’s stuck songs (week 9)

Well, there’s not much going on around these days. After a chill summer (literally and metaphorically – I refused to part with my lovely 750m high village during August), it’s hard to return to a busy downtown.

Summary of the vacation period: When your noisy company starts to depart and only a few people are left in a  gaunt landscape with no stores and no drinks, that’s when the great ideas hit you between the eye. You can be silly and talk deeply at the same time, trembling with bliss all along.

Conclusion #1: My grandma knew what she did when she served mastiha to our guests. Sweet and strong – smells and tastes like summer evenings.

Conclusion #2: Never forget to spend time with people you love. And don’t forget to get to know new people, too. Images and feelings are what keeps the human machine up and running.

Daughter – No Care 

The Veils – Do your bones glow at night?

Aim – Cold water music

Alicia Keys – In common

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