This week’s stuck songs (week 10)


After a while, I decided to start posting songs again. Just the ones that are on repeat in my playlists recently. Spotify has prevailed nowadays, so I guess it’s is more convenient than mere youtube links (even though you miss out on the fancy videos or the cool artworks – I never watch them most of the time anyway, so it’s ok for me). If you are careful enough, you will notice that most of the songs in this playlist are already ~1 year old. The reason for that is that I recently formatted my smartphone, and instead of registering to shazam and saving all my searched music on cloud, I chose the hard way of hand-adding them to spotify, while listening to them all one by one. So, they stuck in my mind once again.

Another interesting point, is that I tried to make a nice, coherent, homogeneous style playlist, but I failed miserably. I knew it from before, but I realized once more that I listen to music with absolutely no consistent pattern – just whatever, whenever. e.g. Melodic metal->Nightcore->Greek folk->Chillstep->Indie pop->Goa trance. jump between artists and genres like i am picking up random colorful balls from the ballpit. That also explains why my youtube feed is the mess that it is. Anyway, at least I tried to stay faithfull to alt rock, with some doses of hip hop and a random japanese song in the end. I seriously didn’t know where the hell to place it, and didn’t want to drop it out completely either (sweet ayumi-chan!).


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