Bye Bye Shuri-jo

Shurijo – castle Shuri – on the main island of Okinawa, has an architecture which combines both Chinese and Japanese elements, as a unique sample of the style of Ryukyu Kingdom. The gate Shureimon is an important landmark, depicted on the rare 2000 yen banknote. I visited Naha and Shurijo during a trip to OkinawaContinue reading “Bye Bye Shuri-jo”

FLU season

Japan is the land of precaution. Anything that can possible disrupt the order of things, should be addressed beforehand. One such this is -wait for it- the flu. As soon as the flu season started, everyone began stockpiling masks, medicine, vitamins, anything and everything that can protect your body. Even the big-time performers at theContinue reading “FLU season”

A story about Japanese school children

[Featured image: A farewell gift from the group of high school children under my supervision. This, and a suggestion to try engaging to sock collecting.] Back on a serious note [ that is cultural differences between Japan and the rest of the world], today’s topic is Japanese school children.  I had the opportunity to participateContinue reading “A story about Japanese school children”