Info Bites: Sushi restaurants

[GR] Που λέτε, το πιο εξαιρετικό σούσι το έχω φάει σε τοσοδούλικα συνοικιακά καταστήματα σε τυχαία μέρη της πόλης.
[EN] The best sushi I’ve ever eaten in my life can be found in small neighborhood shops at random locations in the city.

Sugidama for Sake

Sugidama (杉玉) [lit. cedar ball] is a big sphere made out of japanese cedar, which is usually hang from the eaves of the entrance of a sake brewery. The brewers order and put it up, in order to show that freshly-brewed sake is available for sale. As time passes, the ball’s color changes from greenContinue reading “Sugidama for Sake”