Daimyos, geishas and a glimpse in history

Today is what? It’s 3rd of November. And why do we care about it? Because it’s a HOLIDAY~ ! That, plus the fact that the reason of skipping work is to honor 文化の日-“Culture day”. The closest cultural attraction to me was the Daimyo march in Hakone, a festival that is held yearly after WWII. Essentially,Continue reading “Daimyos, geishas and a glimpse in history”

After-March Aftermath

Part 1 — Match the same March is a total weirdo in Greece. It can rain under bright sun and freeze you to death in the afternoon after a warm morning. That’s why a traditional proverb describes March with nothing but merciless, gruesome adjectives e.g. scalper and fire-starter. The winter has not backed down yet,Continue reading “After-March Aftermath”