Things you find in Japanese countryside (Hint: Spirits)

As you maybe already know, the Japanese people worship a weird mixture of shamanistic Shinto as well as Buddhist gods. Along with the dozens of gods with large names and long titles usually ending in -kami (神) or -mikoto(尊) (like Amaterasu Omikami or  Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto), there are myriads lesser spirits. Japan has a lot of water.Continue reading “Things you find in Japanese countryside (Hint: Spirits)”

Day Hike from Tokyo: The Tanzawa Mountains, Tonodake and Tanzawa

[Visited on October 4th, 2020] We already know that people are mesmerized by Mt. Fuji. But as I have already described before, Mt. Fuji up-close doesn’t have the best view – or best scent for what is worth. In order to get the most out of it, a lot of people opt to climb theContinue reading “Day Hike from Tokyo: The Tanzawa Mountains, Tonodake and Tanzawa”

A hidden gem: Koburi Pass

There is only one hiking path in Kanto that I have visited more than 3 times until now; Koburi pass (顔ぶり峠). It is a well hidden path in Saitama prefecture, starting from Agano station of JR Seibu Chichibu line and is part of the Ogose hiking routes. Compared to other hiking routes, this one isContinue reading “A hidden gem: Koburi Pass”

Day-hike on Mt. Tsukuba

Visited in March 2020 One of the most loved hiking spots of Tokyoites is the area around Mt. Tsukuba (筑波山). Located in Ibaraki prefecture, easily accessible by an express train from the city center of Tokyo, it is an obvious option for a short day hike. As a rough guide, we used the suggested routeContinue reading “Day-hike on Mt. Tsukuba”