Roadtrip to Hokkaido: The stinky valley (Pt. 3)

A surprise to no one, it seems like Hokkaido’s north is pretty cold, even when judging from spring’s average weather. That’s why, it is time to head to the south, where belated hanami blossoming (compared to the rest of the country) awaits. The first stop is Noboribetsu (登別), which with your new-found Ainu vocabulary skillsContinue reading “Roadtrip to Hokkaido: The stinky valley (Pt. 3)”

Roadtrip to Hokkaido: Looking for the natives (Pt. 1)

If you are good with hints, then you probably noticed already that a post about Hokkaido was long overdue. In previous posts, you already got a sneak peek of what spring roads look like in the far north, as well as understood more about the climate of the northern parts of Japan (use google-translate ifContinue reading “Roadtrip to Hokkaido: Looking for the natives (Pt. 1)”

H μυστική Ιαπωνική τέχνη του Όνσεν

Ελπίζω να καταλάβατε ότι ο τίτλος είναι ειρωνεία και δεν υπάρχει καμία μυστική τέχνη παρά μόνο μια ιαπωνική λέξη: το όνσεν. Τα χρόνια μου στην Ιαπωνία μου έμαθαν ότι μετά από μια κουραστική πεζοπορία, θα βρίσκεται πάντα μια θερμή πηγή στη βάση του βουνού για να πλυθώ και να ξεκουραστώ. Η Ιαπωνία αφθονεί σε ενεργάContinue reading “H μυστική Ιαπωνική τέχνη του Όνσεν”

The hidden Japanese art of Onsen

What my years in Japan have taught me is that after a tiring hike, there is always a hot spring at the foot of the mountain to relax and freshen up. The abundance of volcanoes in the country is related to the numerous natural hot springs all over the country. And the Japanese people makeContinue reading “The hidden Japanese art of Onsen”