Day Hike from Tokyo: Rokkokutoge to Kamakura

Ok, so it snowed again in Tokyo this week, plus it’s Ume blossom season and you don’t feel like walking much. You’d much rather find a nice viewpoint to have a picnic and some drinks, preferably relatively close to the sea. Alright, I’ve got you covered. Today we are going to traverse Miura peninsula, from Yokosuka to Kamakura.

Day Hike from Tokyo: Mt Bonoore and lake Naguri

When it finally snows around Tokyo, an issue arises: Where to hike to next? Well, there’s this little ridge right on top of the border between Tokyo and Saitama prefectures. Tucked inside the mountains, Bonoore ridge is accessible all year round. It is one of those routes where the journey is more fun than the destination.

Day Hike from Tokyo: Takayama Fudoson

After a surprising string of hot November days in Tokyo, the winter chill is finally kicking in. During winter, the hiking options for those who are not into alpine hiking and are susceptible to slippery falls (like yours truly) get severely limited. Don’t worry though, miss belleelene has got you covered, with a scenic hiking route that stays open all year long.

After-March Aftermath

Part 1 — Match the same March is a total weirdo in Greece. It can rain under bright sun and freeze you to death in the afternoon after a warm morning. That’s why a traditional proverb describes March with nothing but merciless, gruesome adjectives e.g. scalper and fire-starter. The winter has not backed down yet,Continue reading “After-March Aftermath”