Altering and Forgetting

Rusalochka (original title) or The Little Mermaid, 1976 film directed by Vladimir Bychkov


Well, hello there and a Happy New Year! Many argue 2017 ought to be better, considering 2016 with all the celeb deaths etc., but I believe that’s not the point. Our everyday motives and attitude are what WE ourselves must change. And afterwards see the world in a new (bright? – I sure hope so)  light.

What’s up for today?

  • This marvelous article about translated literature by Stephen Snyder. Especially about Japanese literature exports.
  • Some short stories from Tip on a Dead Jockey by Irwin Shaw. Considering it was written post-WWII, the fact that all stories are easily relatable today  is truly impressive. I was tremendously moved by the one called “The sunny banks of the river Lethe”. What can happen when we start to forget? Dates, numbers, loved ones, our will and character? Here it is, for you to enjoy. the-sunny-banks-of-the-river-lethe
Wind and Fire change our Desire

Dusk – Fire 

Akeboshi – Wind

BONUS : This week’s stuck songs

Sweet Tempest – Mine (The Neon Demon OST)

Cepasa – Similar ft. Dasha Kolomiec

The National – Fireproof

Editors – Forgiveness


YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN – Hoshi Neko  (Last minute addition – thanks to a good friend)




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