El & stitch

Pt. 1

Yesterday was sewing day. Recently, I bought this wonderful woolen cardigan. One problem: it had a hoodie – and the hoodie had no ‘cool’ inside texture or pattern. So, I removed the hoodie, replaced it with a blue ribbon and attached a button (there weren’t any – such a shame, ’cause they are really helpful) to the neck part to keep the smiley shape in place. I like it better now! 

Pt. 2

After a month and a half of involuntary fasting  – I HATED EVERY MINUTE OF IT – I  begun eating again. First choice ? Junk food. Here are some pictures of food. No specific reason. Food is nice and I like to see nice stuff. 

Until next time! (Sketching and drinking on a late night evening)  16906671_398351217196418_2272492601045155840_n

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