The “experience” of casual eating out on a weekday

Tonight we had a craving for tempura soba, so we went to a random tempura restaurant, the first that appeared in our path. The restaurant is called Marugame Seimen, is located in Shibuya (丸亀製麺渋谷道玄坂店) and serves tempura -not soba- udon meals. It’s one of those large, cheap restaurants with high throughput. Still, japanese shop managersContinue reading “The “experience” of casual eating out on a weekday”

Kahlua Matcha and Sakura cherry coffee

As the hanami madness is just a month away, when everyone’s hobby becomes drunk-sleeping under sakura trees, covered by cherry blossoms dancing on the cool air, “sakura-aji gentei” season is here. Brace yourself for products with limited edition one time only special flavour SAKURA CHERRY and other flavours associated with the most famous spring activityContinue reading “Kahlua Matcha and Sakura cherry coffee”

Souvenir from Hong Kong: Jenny cookies

A good friend from Japan suggested 3 MUST DO foods to try in case someone visits Hong Kong. Egg tarts – Cantonese delicacy, you can find them everywhere but prefer the morning freshly baked ones. Beef jerky – thin dried strips of non-fatty meat, preserved for long term consumption. Jenny cookies a.k.a. Drug cookies –Continue reading “Souvenir from Hong Kong: Jenny cookies”

I’m gonna boot you out, 鬼、shoo!

Today (February 3rd) was not a usual Saturday. Today was the Setsubun (節分), which marks the start of spring. As it is celebrated at about the same time as Lunar New Year – there is some historical connection there- it involves purifying rituals. Because, you know, at the start of a new year you usuallyContinue reading “I’m gonna boot you out, 鬼、shoo!”


[Greek text] Επιτέλους! Ευχαριστώ για τα μελομακάρονα ρε μάνα!Αν και μόνο 5 έφτασαν αρτιμελή, τα υπόλοιπα θα τα φάω με το κουτάλι. Μαζί έφτασαν αμυγδαλωτά και καρύδια. **Το μπουκάλι κοκα κόλας δεν περιέχει νερό.** [English text] Finally, my mom’s parcel with homemade Christmas sweets arrived (late and with 5/10 surviving ‘melomakarona’). **The coca cola bottleContinue reading “Melomakarona”