Cloudy with a chance of hearts

[Featured Image: Valentine VR Paradise – a virtual reality store to do all your chocolate shopping, experience it here]

I’ve been living in Japan for quite a while now. I am lucky enough to have experienced Golden week, Tanabata, Obon, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s. The only thing I am missing yet is the Chinese New Year. Nevertheless, I can strongly argue that freakin’ Valentine’s Day is the biggest commercial celebration in Japan. In the land where if you don’t buy the local-original-unique omiyage (お土産=souvenirs) you are a disgrace, and if you don’t buy a different gentei (限定=limited edition) product every day you are insane, the pink heart celebration is the ultimate gimme-all-your-money shop keeping tactic. Valentine season started a good one month before judgement day, since the 15th of January. We start with the basics, valentine’s cupcakes or coffee and proceed to clothes, towels, electronics, anything you can imagine. That’s the reason why my kiwi’s came as a lovey-dovey couple in a heart-shaped box.

Kiwis in love, inside a heart-shaped box barely containing their passion.

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