Walking Around my Neighborhood (Seta, Tokyo)

Japanese houses, especially Tokyo houses, seem to be extremely small and narrow. However, the owners usually manage to arrange a nice combination of flowers and materials to create a memorable front entrance to their house.

While walking around, one can usually come across tiny temples, community gardens and old houses doubling as museums. The local community sometimes also places decorative statues to make the streets look more interesting.

Colorful pinwheels decorate Daikukakuji Temple instead of flowers.

The former residence of a goverment official (Former Kosaka Residence) is open daily, free of charge. If you ever feel like enjoying peace alone, it offers a tranquil garden with a bamboo grove.

The whole area around the local school is marked by little frog statues. In between houses you may see small vegetable farms (remember, it’s the middle of Tokyo!)

A bit further away, next to Kinuta park, there is a small garden called “Flower land”. The aroma and colors of the flowers were amazing. Apart from flowers, there is a herb garden and a small plot of land for vegetables. There are small benches were you can chill to read a book and enjoy the view.

If you decompose Japan, you end up with these 3 things:
An empty street, a cherry tree and a vending machine.

Although Seta is not a typical Japanese neighborhood, due to the amount of foreign residents, the international schools and the general international vibe of the area, it can still impress with modern intepretations of the traditional japanese style. Considering that now is also blooming season, the vibrant plant colours add a little extra to the otherwise minimal view.

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