Chimes Chews: A simple way to arrange device controllers

Have you ever tried a gum called “Chimes”? It’s different in texture from the average chewing gum, it is actually more similar to candy, a fact that makes chewing time much shorter. However, Chimes compensates duration with a rich, invigorating ginger flavor. Plus, it comes in cute colorful tin boxes that can be used to organize paperclips etc. after you have finished chewing. As I usually buy Chimes whenever I find it, I had a few tin boxes already in my possession.


Device controllers take up space on the headboard rail of my bed.



Stack the controllers vertically inside Chimes boxes! The size fits perfectly and the color is a nice decorative addition. The height of the container is also perfect for pressing the important on/off buttons without even removing the controller from the bx.


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