The golden boy and the mountain

Maybe it’s time to unbury the hatchet. Or perhaps not, since it’s standing right there, as if looking at you from the rock’s edge. Who’s the one who used to carry that hatchet, who did he fight with, and which mountain are we going to hike today? In the south part of Kanagawa lies theContinue reading “The golden boy and the mountain”

Tips about hiking in Japan

As every Japanese person is surely going to inform you, ‘Japan has four seasons and the most amazing nature’. Therefore, the most popular outdoors hobby of the locals is mountain hiking, aptly called just ‘haikingu’ or ‘yama nobori’ (山登り) in Japanese. People of all ages go hiking the endless mountain ranges of the countryside. JapanContinue reading “Tips about hiking in Japan”

Day Hike from Tokyo: Exploring Myojingatake BUT on a sunny day

[Visited on October 3rd, 2021] The first time I hiked Mt. Myojogatake and Mt. Myojingatake, it was a gloomy, rainy day. Mist was covering everything and I couldn’t see any further than 2 meters in front of me. The otherworldly atmosphere was much appreciated, but considering that there is a literal rim of a calderaContinue reading “Day Hike from Tokyo: Exploring Myojingatake BUT on a sunny day”