A hidden gem: Koburi Pass

There is only one hiking path in Kanto that I have visited more than 3 times until now; Koburi pass (顔ぶり峠). It is a well hidden path in Saitama prefecture, starting from Agano station of JR Seibu Chichibu line and is part of the Ogose hiking routes. Compared to other hiking routes, this one isContinue reading “A hidden gem: Koburi Pass”

Day-hike on Mt. Tsukuba

Visited in March 2020 One of the most loved hiking spots of Tokyoites is the area around Mt. Tsukuba (筑波山). Located in Ibaraki prefecture, easily accessible by an express train from the city center of Tokyo, it is an obvious option for a short day hike. As a rough guide, we used the suggested routeContinue reading “Day-hike on Mt. Tsukuba”

Exploring Miura Coast

We had an amazing plan for our Sunday trip. And then this catastrophic downpour happened. It is rainy season after-all. Our plan was shuttered and we decided to go somewhere where the weather report said we could avoid the afternoon rain. So we decided to go down all the way to the edge of TokyoContinue reading “Exploring Miura Coast”

Thoughts on climbing Mt. Fuji (富士登山)

Hey there! How was your summer vacation? Mine was quite floppy, as it was inconveniently interrupted by my entrance exams (check out anxiety lair post). Nevertheless, end of August is a relatively good time to visit Mt. Fuji. Considering that the main paths are open to the public only ~2months in the summer, it’s aContinue reading “Thoughts on climbing Mt. Fuji (富士登山)”