Today’s purchase: 2 beauty products made in Japan

Today I was in an especially bad mood, so I decided to walk around aimlesly in order to calm down. Then I thought it’s a nice opportunity to lift my mood by buing shoes. But as expected, the whole shoes area in the mall I visited was shut down for renovetion, cause my bad luck is unstoppable. However, I did end up with 2 wonderful beauty products. This is not a review, as I have not yet used any of the two. Anyway, here is what I found:

Beauty Product #1: Make Cover Mist Uruoi

Uruoi means “moisture” and apparently this mist is supposed to keep your skin adequately hydrated. It is non-scented, transparent, paraben-free and mineral oil-free. The checklist indicates that the mist doesn’t run, isn’t sticky, doesn’t stain clothes, doesn’t have white particles and of course, because we are in Japan, preserves the make up so that it doesn’t stain the white mask (that everyone wears – duh). You spray the mist for a mere 3 seconds after finishing your make-up routine and you can live carefree the rest of your day, without any fears of smudged spots on your face. The mist creates a thin layer above the make-up, which keeps the skin underneath moisturised and protected. It can be used above any kind of product such as sunscreen or oil-block. After spraying your face from a distance of 30cm, tap lightly with tissues to improve absorption of the product. That’s it, you’re ready to go!

Beauty Product #2: Ettusais Oil Block Base

Ok this one is trickier. Although I frequently use oil bloating paper, it’s the first time that I encountered an oil block base. The Japanese name 修正液 stands for “correction fluid” and this product is supposed to prevent reflections and clogged pores that are caused by excess oil on the skin. It has matte texture and is non-sticky; as a result you can use it throughout the day to keep your skin smooth. Similar to the mist, it is non-scented, not coloured, allergy tested and prevents pimple formation. Actually this product came in two varieties, the normal one and the cool one; of course I bought the cool one with none other argument than a) it had a polar bear on the package b) cool is always cool. This product is a two-layer type (?) so you need to shake well before use. More importantly, you can apply it to the specific areas of interest, either after toning your skin with lotion or after applying make-up foundation. It comes with a convenient brush that you can use to apply and then even out by taping lightly with your fingertips.

Everytime I go inside a cosmetics store in Japan, I always find new types of products, that I don’t even know the purpose of. Make-up in Asia is a serious case, as most women don’t dare to go outside without doing it properly (or they wear face masks to hide the fact that indeed they didn’t). However, the focus is different from the western school, due to the fact that cover is deemed not as important as good skin condition. The majority of products do not target people who want to hide away pimples and red marks, but rather treat the causes of such symptoms and help the skin regain it’s natural, healthy radiance. I hope the above two will kindly help me achieve a flawless skin (maybe?).

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