Japanese foodporn (Part 2) [aaaand a little bit of Yotsuba~~~]

Featured Image: Night sea in Kamakura, the foam on top of the waves was glowing with an awesome electric blue hue. No camera could capture that view. You know, my main goal since I came here, is to try every silly food that exists. It’s the country of infinite possibilities! Also, after a quick experimentationContinue reading “Japanese foodporn (Part 2) [aaaand a little bit of Yotsuba~~~]”

Well, there is a reason for chocolate

Chocolate is good, and so are comics. Anonymous There are times that I am tired, anxious, frustrated – a thirsty vampire in short (sth like–>>>) – so much, that I desperately ask for a miracle to happen and help me pull myself together. Because I can’t. Can’t do it. Nope. Come and pull me, IContinue reading “Well, there is a reason for chocolate”