Well, there is a reason for chocolate

Chocolate is good, and so are comics.



There are times that I am tired, anxious, frustrated

– a thirsty vampire in short (sth like–>>>) –

so much, that I desperately ask for a miracle to happen and help me pull myself together. Because I can’t. Can’t do it. Nope. Come and pull me, I can’t move.  The stars are not in position for this tribute! Stars!… Can’t do it… Not today.

The doorbell rings, but I can’t bother to open. I finally do it -utter curiosity, that’s the one thing that beats boredom- and a strange package appears.


The miracle is called ‘Socomic’ by ION. And it happens. Quite often, if I may add. And it’s all I ever wanted. A box of chocolate and a bunch of comics.


The first time was awesome. The second was marvelous. Oh, the third? I couldn’t believe my luck anymore. Thank you for your generocity, dear ION. I just hope that this little twist of luck will push everything into the right direction. I cannot afford to be worried anymore.

(Endless road in front of me)



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