Searching for the Truth; Philosophy in Islam

If one could roam around 9th century Baghdad, one could hear a phrase that would bring a headache to many present-day devoted Muslims. “The ink of a scholar is more important than the blood of a martyr”. How come those words derived from the collective memory of the prophet’s teachings fell out of prominence in the years to come and when did seeking the truth though philosophy became irrelevant?

Killer moves

I was studying Japanese kanji today, and I learnt some interesting words. 即戦力 (そくせんりょく) Noun 1. ready fire-power; battle-ready forces; immediate asset (to a team or firm); someone who can be an immediately effective player or worker​ *Business term, Sports term* 必殺技 (ひっさつわざ) Noun 1. killer technique; surefire assassination method 2. special or lethal move,Continue reading “Killer moves”