Most languages in the world contain specific words to describe animal cries, deriving from the actual sounds, but in a more abstract form. Those words are called ‘onomatopoeia’, which in greek means ‘to make name’. You can recognize onomatopoetic words from their repetitive patterns.  Japanese language especially contains a large number of onomatopoetic words, toContinue reading “Cicadas”

Googling in Japanese + Face sheets

ΟΚ, so I was trying to find out something about the best invention !ever! – the “ice” face sheets, and typed only half of the query, namely “ice face”. AND THIS HAPPENED! Scaaaary! Cringe! Take it out of my sight! Here is the same phrase in English for comparison. Something went terribly wrong in Japan.Continue reading “Googling in Japanese + Face sheets”

In between the rain showers

The rain season or 梅雨(tsuyu) has officially started in Japan. Which means, that: you can’t do laundry without owning a drying machine (or visiting a coin laundry) you will leave the house dry with raincoat, umbrella and all available equipment, but will still arrive to school or office soaked wet the day that you decideContinue reading “In between the rain showers”