Day hike from Tokyo: The other giant Buddha

Tokyo is all fun and dandy, but have you ever wondered what is there on the other side of the pond? The pond being the Tokyo bay. Well, the other side of the bay is Chiba prefecture, home turf to farmers and fish. Luckily for us, in order to get to Chiba from Shibuya, youContinue reading “Day hike from Tokyo: The other giant Buddha”

Attempting Oshima # 2: A weekend in Izu Oshima

Ok, by now, I guess everyone is familiar with how bad my trip to Amami-Oshima failed in September. As this was not enough to stop me though, a month later I tried my luck with another Oshima: Izu Oshima. If you are curious about the repetition of island names, it is because Ooshima (大島) meansContinue reading “Attempting Oshima # 2: A weekend in Izu Oshima”

Tokyo: A house in the city

The other day, I asked a girl why balconies and doorsteps in Tokyo do not have any kind of illumination source most of the time. She responded that the basic concept is that you are out at work the whole day and when you return you draw the curtains, turn off the lights and stayContinue reading “Tokyo: A house in the city”