HowStuffWorks: Update train advertisments

So, last night I slept over at a friend, which meant that today I had to ride the train from the starting station. Today is Sunday, therefore traffic is relatively low in this part of the city. As soon as I reached the platform, I noticed a guy siting on a wooden stool with a lot of posters beside him. Which is weird because no one brings their personal, portable chair on the train platform. I figured he might be a house agent (these people come up with a lot of tricks to make you at least check out the house they want to sell). Which was still out of the ordinary. Eventually, the local train arrived and I saw the guy entering the train from the opposite side from me. “How the hell? He was on my left, when did he move to my right?”. Then I realized that it wasn’t only one guy. There was one guy in front of each wagon. Everyone followed the same algorithm; put the stool down, step on it, remove the old advertisement from its holder, attach the new one, staple it, get down, move the stool, repeat. Everything happened really fast and the group of workers finished updating the advertisements in less than a minute. Afterwards, a cleaning employee appeared, checked around, bowed humbly to the passengers and got off. The effectiveness of the Japanese railway system never fails to amaze.

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