Kahlua Matcha and Sakura cherry coffee

As the hanami madness is just a month away, when everyone’s hobby becomes drunk-sleeping under sakura trees, covered by cherry blossoms dancing on the cool air, “sakura-aji gentei” season is here. Brace yourself for products with limited edition one time only special flavour SAKURA CHERRY and other flavours associated with the most famous spring activity in Japan. Although some people argue that sakura-flavoured gummy and candies taste like a medicinal syrup for the flu, I liked that medicine and I like sakura gummies. Moreover, I already found my top picks for this year!

The famous Kahlua coffee liqueur, now with bitter matcha tea flavor. Honestly, I am not so eager to try, though I can’t help but to admit that the green labels looks awesome.

Lion coffee offers drip coffee with cherry flavor in mini packages. The coffee was weak, but the sweet cherry flavor was easily noticeable.

This one is not a spring limited edition, however it is worth a mention. Afternoon tea set @BaumkuchenCafe [ バウムクーヘン カフェ ] in Futako Tamagawa, Tokyo.

Read about past (and future) blossoming seasons

This year’s Hanami – Kinuta Park

“Hanami” (花見) stands for the past time activity of “cherry blossom viewing” in Japanese. The main concern of every single person in Japan around the end…

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