Todoroki Creek

If you ever find yourself in the middle of the city, freaking out with the ugly view of concrete buildings, I know something that may help you feel better: Todoroki. It’s a small creek in Meguro-ku, a few feet next to the Ooimachi line train station of the same name. A long, thin green line stretching along a stream, which eventually ends in the Tama river. I visited again yesterday, on the day of Tanabata (“the star festival”). Unfortunately, it was raining, so the two great stars, the weaver and the cow herd, could not attend their annual meeting. Nevertheless, people still wrote their wishes on colorful thin pieces of paper with hopes that the stars will grant them true. Someone (who appears to be fond of cats) wished for many new friends in their new school.

Anyway, if you are interested in a bit longer walk of around 6.7km, there is a suggested route starting in Kuhombutsu temple and finishing at the Futako-tamagawa shopping mall. Along the way there are a couple of temples, some cave tombs from the 8th century and various stone statues. More information about the route here .

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